Excursions can be arranged aboard the boat the Metin III, these can be tailor made with Dundar Metin, the youngest of the Metin brothers. Maybe you have something to celebrate? Would you like to go fishing? How about a barbecue on board? Let us customize your day according to your wishes, the captain will be at your complete disposal organizing your own private party day or night allowing you to concentrate on enjoying yourselves.

Below is a selection of popular boat tours available from the Metin Hotel.

Turtle watch: Get up early and don’t miss the opportunity to see and feed the lake turtles.

Mud baths: Popular since ancient times, the mud is allegedly reputed to have anti-aging properties! Cover your body in the mud, let it dry in the sun and then wash it off and take a dip in the sulphur pool. You’ll feel squeaky clean and may even look 10 years younger!

Thermal Springs at Sultaniye: The water here is claimed to cure skin disorders, neuralgia and rheumatism. People have been bathing here for 500 years. Enjoy swimming in Koycegiz freshwater lake afterwards.

Moonlight Lake barbecue: Visit Koycegiz lake in the evening for a barbecue and on the way back to Dalyan you will be able to see the true beauty of the stars without the ‘light pollution’ you would experience at home when your captain stops the engine and allows the boat to drift in the middle of the lake . Enjoy the feeling of swimming in the cool fresh water after sunset. Eat delicious Turkish meze [starters] prepared by Sevim the excellent female chef in our hotel and great tasting barbecued food. At certain times of the year an open fire may be lit under the stars.

Turtle beach: A lovely boat journey passing the spectacular rock tombs and maize of reeds, the scene of the film “African Queen”, takes you to see the lovely 5km long sandbar where the near extinct “Caretta Caretta” Loggerhead turtle lays it’s eggs.

Koycegiz Lake: During your holiday you should definitely find time to take a trip to this lovely freshwater lake (above) surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery, the photo above was taken from the western shore of the lake. This used to be the main source of transport around the local area and it is home to numerous species of birdlife and the lake turtles.

Garden of Eden: If you want to discover total serenity and want to escape from the stresses of modern day life, this is the place for you. Take the boat out across the lake and have lunch in the tree house restaurant or relax with a drink in a hammock underneath the 200 year old tree.

Fishing/Crab Fishing: Dundar Metin is always looking for an excuse to go fishing and will be happy to arrange any tours for you. Barbecue your catch on board the boat and wash it down with a cold beer or glass of chilled wine. Or bring them back to the Hotel where Dundar will be happy to cook it for you.

Other Excursions/Activities: For those of you who enjoy more outward bound type activities there is white water rafting on the Dalaman river or a jeep safari of the local area.  Just 30 minutes drive from Dalyan is the nearby yachting marina of Gocek from where you can board a boat for the highly rated 12 Island Cruise. Other popular destinations are Salikent Canyon, Youvarlakcay mountain restaurant and the deserted village of Kayakoy. Slightly further a field is the ancient city of Ephesus and the house of the Virgin Mary or the famous calcium deposit ‘Cotton Castle’ at Pamukkale.